RFZ ENDURO 150 (7)

The latest addition to the range, this motocross benefits from the latest generation plastics. Indeed, thanks to these the maintenance of your bike will be easier to do, all the elements are independent of the others, the rear fender is molded in one piece and the saddle is removable by hand by the above. This Pit bike is thinner than the others, its saddle is longer and therefore more comfortable and its tank is the largest of its class with its 4.7L capacity.

This bike is equipped with 150cc YTX engine which is known for its reliability and power, you can then both go on a cross field or go on a ride with your friends ...

This RFZ ENDURO 150 is for any type of user, from 16 years old to adults who are not afraid to jump with his machine. This Dirt bike is equipped with 14 "wheels at the rear and 17" at the front.

This bike is equipped with a wheel gripster at the rear to block the inner tube and prevent valve tearing ... No more punctures!

Very well suspended this Pit Bike is equipped with VOLT suspensions developed by Apollo Motors: Inverted hydraulic fork and gas hydraulic shock absorber.

With this Dirt Bike, you will make jealous ...

Advice: Remember to check the status of your Minimoto before / after each trip by making your adjustments. Maintaining your Minimoto is very important for your safety (chain tension, tire condition, carburetor adjustments, general screws ...)

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